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Reviews for "War is Hell"


will so awsome and so ood to :)

S-Rock responds:

ty ty

There is a mission to never give up the fight

This is beautiful. Through all the sadness of war, it is that beat that makes us never give up the fight. Hopefully I'll remember this masterpiece when I am overseas soon enough.

S-Rock responds:

thank you :)

say wha?

this song is truely a master peice. it makes me think of my brother who not to long ago left for the military. im making a video for him that i might post on youtube and with your permission id like to use this track if its cool wid you? i have total respect for you music so i thought id ask first XD 10/10

S-Rock responds:

Absolutely, you wouldn't need permission for that sir

Realy Great Work

20/10 good job

S-Rock responds:

tyvm :)

made me think

i have seen people to die in front of me when i was in the miltary and the ganfs i ran with makes me think i was the lucky one

S-Rock responds:

Sorry :(