Reviews for "War is Hell"


i enjoyed alot. 5/5 10/10

S-Rock responds:

Thanks. I appreciate it :)

nice work

i never heard a msic like this one,is amazing,make me fell....i dont know,but its good,dude good work,keep it

S-Rock responds:

Thank you

I don't like this type of music..

But since its used in Dawn Of The Madness, and there is a scary edge in the song, this is an execption.

S-Rock responds:

haha Thanks man I appreciate it :D


I love this song. it's very well made.

S-Rock responds:

Thank you Very Much :D


a very nice soundtrack the music has such a creepy edge to it and a depressing feeling in it it just is an awsome soundtrack i love it

S-Rock responds:

Thanks :D