Reviews for "Now You're a Hero instrumental"

Its good but,

I liked the vocal one better. I hope you keep up the great work!

It's pretty nice.

Well it's not your worst but I don't think this is your best either.I feel like you could have added something more to this but I don't know what :/ Well anyway frontpage is frontpage and congrats on that :D

Reachground responds:

Cheers Randy. I didn't want to add something, just wanted to share the instrumental so people can do their own stuff to it. Sing, rap or fart to it.

Hmmm, mysterious...

The beginning of this audio started off slow, but then got better on. More stuff started to show up like the guitar, drums, and more beats. I kinda agree with the guy below me about this audio being a "Jazzy Space Age", but only in the beginning of the audio. I don't know how the title relates to the audio but it's all good. I liked how everything mixed well together. Nice Work Reach! :D

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pretty good

i like this

Its good but not perfect

Could use a lil more work but sounds overall great 8/10 4/5