Reviews for "Now You're a Hero instrumental"

sounds cool

But what baffles me is that you posted something that wasn't yours (I think) and no one's complaining. Yet I posted someone else's remix and clearly stated I wasn't taking any credit for it, and some ungrateful bastards bash the hell out of me cause they can't get past that. I don't get it.

Reachground responds:

No one's going to complain unless another me teleports through from some strange dimension and claim it's his.

Thank you

For uploading the instrumental. :)

Reachground responds:

No problem :)


Nice instrumental! can you send me the tabs of it so i can learn to play it i really like this one!

Reachground responds:

They're on my webpage under "Chords and tabs".


Loved it.

I absolutely loved the beginning. It was like it just pulsed in my ears. Best feeling ever.

Reachground responds:


Hmmm, I don't know.. (comparing this to the original) The lyrics are like... PRIME in this song :p
Well, the instrumental is actually really good, though. Good enough to just exist. Sounds great, I like it. Really relaxing as well. Hm.. I don't know, deserves a 5 stars :)