Reviews for "Now You're a Hero instrumental"


im impressed

Cool beat

Like the beat, gives me that "just chillin" feel

Reachground responds:

Chill, relax, that's how it's supposed to be!

Very lovely.

I love how you start, it makes me think of a church or religious environment. And then how it goes into like a casual theme is just awesome. This is one of the best songs I've ever heard on the Audio Portal. Pat yourself on the back for this one, man.

Reachground responds:

Your review made me smile IRL. Thanks so much. I needed to hear this today.

I like it.

It's a nice, laid back song, like the game and its just nice to listen to late at night to calm down before going to bed.

After listening to this instrumental and the original, it's hard to say which is better.
The instrumental is very relaxing and all but the vocals add a little something to it that I pretty much don't know about it.

This is very soothing and perhaps maybe used to relieve stress, I guess.