Reviews for "Now You're a Hero instrumental"

Too much

I like your music but this is to much of the same and nothing new. Stil Il give you a 10

Reachground responds:

True. Still same ol' same ol'. Thanks for the 10 though :)

You guys would never understand...

You have to burn the rope. If you don't burn the rope, you'll never get it.

Great song!

Reachground responds:

Very wise my friend. It's as easy as that...

I'm conflicted

Honestly, I loved the folk sounds this evoked. When I heard the original version (yes, I discovered these out of order) it was nothing like I envisioned.

I guess it's my job to keep these two separate in my mind so I can enjoy each in its own role. Great job, though.

Reachground responds:

It was very interesting to read your thoughts. I've just added this to Newgrounds. I guess it's a strange experience for people who hear this first.

Did you try the game that the song belongs to?

Well, lets see what we gots here...

Mind you, I've just finished a five page english essay, so me hands hurtie! So lets make this un' a quicky. Ironically I switched this on, like, a minute before I printed it so it's giving me a feel good glow, mind you, now what am I gonna do for the rest of the evening? Oh yeah, review. Very relaxing, kinda the song you want to listen to as your hands regain some form of feeling after the button mashing finale that most boss battles are. Totally worth listening to, I like the echoing noise made in the first 50 seconds or so, gives the song a kinda... presence? IS that the right word? Oh probably. Good guitar playing by the way, if that was you. =D

Hammerypart says: Well, my hands feel like death so I think I'm gonna go rest 'em for a bit. Oh, and it was totally worth the upload, personally I think vocals can make or break a song, so its good to have a comparison. Anyways, Cya round!

Reachground responds:

I wonder if it was the flow from your earlier writing that made you write this much? Either way, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks!

Good luck with the results of your essay :)

Oh...it was me playing the guitar, with only one year very random training :)


all I have to say it couldnt get any better