Reviews for "Now You're a Hero instrumental"

Calm & Nice beat.

Slow start, that might get you bad scores, the start of a song means a lot to some people. Rather than that it had a nice calm beat. I've no idea why this is in the videogame section. A bit repetitive too.

I enjoyed it

Real smooth and steady. nothing blew my socks off but it was enjoyable and well worth the listen. (Especially the beggining!)

Reachground responds:

I was just about to write that you should listen to the vocal version. Now I see that you did. Difference ey?


I like the beginning...
nice intro...
good rhythm
but... then... I'm not sure... I didn't like the beat
and the guitar didn't fit there... it sounds kind of strange... you change the song too much at the middle...
so, honestly I don't like the ending
you should continue the way the intro was

funny but...

As cool as this song is I just cant believe the same song got in the top 5 again...lame, but still cool song.

Reachground responds:

It's not the same song, this is the instrumental.

its ok

it is pretty much the exact same tune over and over again.

Reachground responds:

Yes. No.