Reviews for "Now You're a Hero instrumental"

good but..

this music is great!!! budden i still prefer the one with the guy singin... still gd work!!! XDDD


I first heard this song when I finished You Have to Burn the Rope, and I didn't see it was here on newgrounds. Awesome!


I'm giving this a 10 and 5/5 to counter the obvious zero-bombing this is getting, without much surprise. Hopefully people understand this was simply an upload to let us sing over it. I'm not sure I'll try that though, I'm not here to destroy everyone's ears. :P

Reachground responds:

Your singing might be bad but your music skills are genius. You're the only audio-favorite I have at the moment. "It's bubble time" was on repeat for a week :)

Thanks for the counter-attack!


I get it, its the song we love, but without words... well, its a chill song and i have to rate SOMETHING today, so I'll give it a 3.5/5, its better with the words, but its cool, when i listen to this long, i hear the words in my head O.o

btw, since i can vote3.5, im rounding it to 4

The begining...

the begining was kinda boring and stayed the same beat for like 1/7 of the song
and i don't know about you but i like songs where it begins good and ends good.
but ill give this an 8/10 because it's not the worst thing i've seen.

Reachground responds:

Thanks for your review. Listen to the original "Now you're a hero". Hopefully you'll like it better.