Reviews for "Now You're a Hero instrumental"

Simply Amazing.

My friend your song makes my heart warm. Its like its a light at the end of a tunnel. this would be perfect for the end of a long story in which the main character is sitting on top of a slightly windy hill , badly beaten up but happy,looking out among the grassy plain stuck in that hill is a great sword leaning slightly to the side, a piece of cloth on the guard blowng slightly in the wind.the hero then looks up at the great blue sky the camera following likewise and with the sun glaring into the lens it slowly cuts off to the credits. thats what i think. no i dont have any story in mind this is just off the top of my head

Reachground responds:

You should be a storywriter.

Loved it.

I absolutely loved the beginning. It was like it just pulsed in my ears. Best feeling ever.

Reachground responds:


huge fan.

huge fan of the origonal. and this, WOW, love it.
i gotta agree, best song on NG and well deserving of front page. also you have exactly 32 minutes left on the front page enjoy them... you will miss the attention :'( i do :O

Reachground responds:

Now it's gone, but I don't care so much. I have other projects coming up.

Very lovely.

I love how you start, it makes me think of a church or religious environment. And then how it goes into like a casual theme is just awesome. This is one of the best songs I've ever heard on the Audio Portal. Pat yourself on the back for this one, man.

Reachground responds:

Your review made me smile IRL. Thanks so much. I needed to hear this today.

Cool beat

Like the beat, gives me that "just chillin" feel

Reachground responds:

Chill, relax, that's how it's supposed to be!