Reviews for "Now You're a Hero instrumental"

You guys would never understand...

You have to burn the rope. If you don't burn the rope, you'll never get it.

Great song!

Reachground responds:

Very wise my friend. It's as easy as that...

This is under "Video Games"...why?

Why? It doesn't sound like it should be in any game...not even a bad one!
This should have been filed under MISC.
I can hear that you put alot of effort into it, but its really bland...

Reachground responds:

1. Always read "Author Comments" before posting.

really chill, i like it

it makes me just wanna chill man. like this is going to be my chill song for the rest of the year haha. good job


Reachground responds:

I wish you many good chillin' hours my friend...

Very nicely done

It's got a nice little tune, quiet, calm and collected.
The changes in riffs and chords are tight and it's got a nice little beat.
All in all, a lovely song.

Calm & Nice beat.

Slow start, that might get you bad scores, the start of a song means a lot to some people. Rather than that it had a nice calm beat. I've no idea why this is in the videogame section. A bit repetitive too.