Reviews for "Now You're a Hero instrumental"


i dont normaly go to the audio portal,but im glad i did today.good work.

Reachground responds:

I'm glad you did too :)


I like the beginning...
nice intro...
good rhythm
but... then... I'm not sure... I didn't like the beat
and the guitar didn't fit there... it sounds kind of strange... you change the song too much at the middle...
so, honestly I don't like the ending
you should continue the way the intro was

Hmmm, mysterious...

The beginning of this audio started off slow, but then got better on. More stuff started to show up like the guitar, drums, and more beats. I kinda agree with the guy below me about this audio being a "Jazzy Space Age", but only in the beginning of the audio. I don't know how the title relates to the audio but it's all good. I liked how everything mixed well together. Nice Work Reach! :D

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very cool

ever thought about starting an album?

It's a sort of Jazzy Space Age Odessy ....with a little guitar ^_-

Its good but,

I liked the vocal one better. I hope you keep up the great work!