Reviews for "The old TN episode 5"


dude whats with the purple shorts i mean were u wearing them before u grew?y i mean theyre purple?y?lol i love tn

Best TN Episode i think

Haha, i love it....simply put. I'm going to tell all my freinds about your excellent work...


That rules over all the land. I love David's anti-Jew assualt. These guys should really have their own TV show. I would watch that crap all the time.


you had me rolling on the floor laughing i couldent breath i watched this about 12 times in arow and i cant stop laughing " the best part about dicks is , that fizzly sinsation you get in your mouth" omfg even as i right this i am still laughing

It's not delivery, it's Bengiorno

Haha, awesome cartoon, 5/5!