Reviews for "The old TN episode 5"

dude, this shit rules

this is the episode that got me addicted to tn and the reason why it's my favorite cartoon ever! great stuff!

realities a B*****... thank you

why cant there be more reality shows like that?

Make more

I would so watch this show. You guys should make more TN episodes. I give them all 5's!

The Part With Synj was the best

"Here's your dick you dick sucker, yeah that's all you do all day long you suck on a dick and he sits over there like a piece of shit he's stupid you can just tell by looking at him, I dont even wanna know any of you, you're all dumb, I'm leaving, you smell!" That was the best part of the whole fucking thing, ha!

hahaha...i love this series

didnt we order chinese food?


haha...oh man the jew jokes are funny