Reviews for "The old TN episode 5"

Still my favorite

Your cartoons never cease to amaze me. They're all awesome. This one, however, will remain my favorite. I think this one is the longest flashes I've seen in a while and it kept me laughing during a huge majorioty of it. Keep it up and I'm look forward to New episode 4.


This was so funny i love tommorows nobodies thisis the best but you should get better drawings but i saw the new tommorows noodies is good but i hav to sa this is just awesome its so funny keep up the good work!

Muahahahahah gj tn

omg ~~ this is awsume heres ur pizza dick sucker yah all u do is suck on a dick all day long and he sits over there like a peice of shit hes stupid u can tell just by lookin at him im leaving U SMELL omg rofl rofl


what the f**k can i say : rolling on the floor laughing ... but old 5 ? i think this is best episode of tn

Great series

Good job on this series. I can't wait to watch the next one. Your Flashes are awesome. keep it up.