Reviews for "The old TN episode 5"

It's not delivery, it's Bengiorno

Haha, awesome cartoon, 5/5!

Best TN episode ever

This is awesome. The use of rock stars and satan is a nice touch. The old series is so much better than the new.

crazy freakin awesome!!!!!

wow.....just awesome i mean u guys should totally make a movie out of this awesome stuff. i mean even my mom loved it and shes totally strict and stuff. now u must listen to me....... MAKE MORE MAN U GUYS TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!


damnit south park, lol fuckhismotherintheass lol
damn way to bash the jews........ whew man, what happened to chris? o i see now, lol cheap jew bastard. where do u guys get this stuff? it blows me mind, damn that satan scence lok like dat south park movie


God I love David. And Eric. Jewbian... Hehehe... That'd totally be my first drum set.