Reviews for "The old TN episode 5"


First the brown in his eye is on the left eye then on the right then the left again.
Why, ok I may love your series but are you eyeblind?


Hahaahaha I loved this, you guys rule!

Yea... jewish

Old tn episodes rock

Ah it took me a while but...

Ah it took me a while but the screw u guys im going home made it clear to me why so much out of this ep was familiar to me!
Southpark, this ep was one big ( funny ) rip of!
Even the comming out of the closet was ripped :P

But hey i dont care it was funny!

( all those 10's i gave u r just cause i couldnt be bothered to actually rate something, i mean i would have to like... think. )

Good stuff as always!

Nice 1 guys. Jew jokes are funny lol!