Reviews for "The old TN episode 5"

the best i have seen in my life!!!

dude u outdone ur self here. this is awesome. this is like when i hang with my friends. man i love the jew jokes and stuff. man this is hilarious. great work of art. make more episodes

I have 2 words

Jewish Basterd

love it, and is there going to be more Nobody Movies i love them all. yes even the first one.
If u want to talk with me ferther about any of this my email is irresistibleguy69@yahoo.com

Your lord and master


Just when you thought TN couldn't get any better, they did. I've seen alot of stuff on Newgrounds, but this is by far one of the best. The humour is very original which is a great and rare quality in decent animations. Graphics are very extensive and original, and the spoof of 'Sienfeld' at the end cracked me up. Excelent job you guys, and keep up the great work, this is going #1 in my favourites.


man u rock,15 min of laughter,kindof reminds me of my freinds and me,well all in all GREAT!!

ha this fucken rules!!

Shit you guy are good!!Ive looked round this site and everyone else has shit movies but omg urs is totally the best! people would say it's like south park or beavis and butthead but i think you're total originals, keep the good work up