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Reviews for "Dress my Babe"


awesome great game


i got both of the bottons i like the last one lol

great art work

I have not seen such great art in a online game in a long time.


1st secret is beside the (c), it's button (text) that says "secret", in white letters, when you press it, you 'appear' in a place w/ more clothes, here there is an outfit at the top, next to the girl, it's black, and grey on top, there are no other clothes under it, remove it and roll over the place where it was, you'll find the next secret!!!

about the game it was awesome, and i also think that it's one of the best dress-ups in this site
great artwork

it was alright

for a first-timer it was pretty good. i'd add a bit more color, and maybe some music. for anyone who wants to know, the first easter egg is by the C at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. i couldn't find the second one.