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Reviews for "Dress my Babe"

Disgusting and cruel...

The girl is more pale than Powder, she's constantly pointing off in the distance, and the ropes and blood are disgusting and cruel...do people really think that pain is pleasure? Not from this point of view...totally crap.

Good enough for horny little bastards

good but a better outfit selection wouldn't hurt

It was diffrent

I do not mind the girl being so white but there was not much dressing choices for her. I would have given her a much better style of clothes, but the graphics where good though.

remindes me of the "stand inside your love" video



Good effort, nice drawing, but like you said, you've come a loong way in your flash skills. Girl is too white anyway. There's never an object with only one shade of color in the real world, especially a woman. I mean, it could have been a bit better if you could customize skin and hair. And winner2 for your information "I" comes before "V". Stupid hicks...