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Reviews for "Dress my Babe"


the drawing sucked
the hair and the face looks lke its benn in the tiolet and what the hell is wrong w/ the color its black and white only its V*G*N* is pink.

i think im gonna barf.....
oh my good.....
get your drawing out of newgrounds!!!


Well, first, I was like.. Yes! Cool, looks all original, gothic even. Then when I played it.. Haha! Sorry, but were you joking when you made them happy-go-lucky clothes? I know a girl who is obsessed with bright colours that wouldn't wear them.
The doll was.. uh, alright. I guess. But I'm not gonna comment on that, I'm feeling nice..


what's wif the colors???
looks like a old lady that is like what silverboltclock said that she looked like 10000 yrs older.


teh graphics made her look 10000 yrs old teh clothing had almost no color most of it was the same outfit reapeated amn this was pisss poor.


LMAO! that was freaking sweet your my hero so i gave you an Overall 10.
btw: Nice secrets i like the one where she is a gimp LOL!