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Reviews for "Dress my Babe"


the game was good she needs a tan but the game itself was way cool.

Humble beginnings.

Heh, hard to review this right after I played the 5th game in the series. But I look at this, and WOW have you come a long way. To be honest, it's still better than anything I could have produced, but meh.

As everyone else has stated, yeah too white. Glad you dropped that quickly before the other games. The outfits were decent for a first try, but the lack of any interesting backgrounds makes it just a little bland.

And um, yeah the whole bondage thing was kinda f'ed up. But whatever floats your boat.

That was surprisingly good for a first entry

If that was your very fast dress/undress entry, i look forward to seeing the next ones !!!! good work ;)


I actually liked the look - it seemed like it was artistic thing and the goth look was nice. The bondage I'm not so fond of. I thought that she was very well done.

nice game, loved the secret rooms

BATGIRL! LMAO!!! that was a good game, not a big fan of dress-up games, but can't do much else on this pc, no sound, gave your sound a 5 b/c i don't know if it had music (good or bad), this was a good game, nice job