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Reviews for "Dress my Babe"

i can`t get the 2nd cheat...

please help me!
(the dress up person is ugly...but it was ok)


I like these funky, gothic underwear! Interesting clothes and good graphics, two important things in one game!


eww!!! she soOoO fucking ugly xP

Samuri porn

am I the only one or did she look like a samuri to anyone else, giggity giggity alright!


I like this one. The two secrets were cool and I like the Batwoman costume as well as the S&M one. The clothing options were cool too. I like how you gave a Lara Croft outfit also. (Why does everyone love putting Lara Croft in their dress ups?) Good job!

For anyone who needs help finding the secrets, look near the Geneticeye symbol at the bottom of the screen on the left (it should light up "SECRET" when you move the mouse over it). And when you get to the second screen with the Batwoman costume, click on the black top with the grey chest area and move it. Right behind it should be the next secret button.