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Reviews for "Dress my Babe"

Looks great!

Where the hell are those "secrets" everybody talks about? I could't find jack! Give us some clues!
She's very pretty... she definately has a very Noir feel about her. But the clothing selection... eh, not so much. She needs more clothes, different styles. Same thing with the hair and tattoos.

Great job on the secrets

Brilliant. I LOVED the second secret. The gimp mask just gave it the perfect touch! Well done. If it weren't for the last secret, I would be giving this about a 6. Your art style is very cool, but there wasn't many clothes. Then second secret just blew me away. Great job dude :)

It sucked.

It didn't really grab my attention. the game itself just sucked.

this sucks!

why did you make thins?!!
ill tell you why you made this
girls wont give you what you want so we got to draw them!
aneyway, the drawings are unbeleveable! mad good all your work is great!

Goth is cool!

I dont understand all you that dont like goths. WHATS WRONG WITH TRYING 2 STAND OUT? Not all gurls can b preps! Anywax, THIS ROCKED!