Reviews for "Squigo's Halloween Horror"

Like to have seen some pussy

Very good. That waskick ass especially the fat albert impersonation that was cool!

Evil Monkey's Review for "Squigo's Holloween H..."

Intro: Haha. And the end was very nice.

Graphics: Pretty goof, infact, I like it!
Style: Cool....
Violence: He carved him up like a jack-o-latern. What can I say? I say 10!
Sexual Content: While Johnny did mention "pussy" there wasn't any really.
Humor: LoL, man. LoL

Overall: Nicely done. Johnny Rocketfingers, defiently boosted my opinion of the whole thing(he's just so fuckin' badass, lol).

GJ: 9/10

do more of that stick guy at the end

hes cool


Man i really liked that!! do some more squido's!!! PLEASEEEEE!!! :D:D:D :==

squigo!squigo night

i like this one those other squigo's were not to my liking but this one is very good