Reviews for "Squigo's Halloween Horror"

Competently created perhaps but

Competently created perhaps but neither interesting nor funny -

In fact I .....<review truncated because reviewer did not feel the flash was really worth another damn word>

lol this was incredible

big gay bubba was as gay as ever and johnny was as cool as ever please do a sequel


Touché indeed. Pretty weird shit right there, but the appearance of Johny ain't out of place at all... Kinda gives it a pinch of meaning... cause if it was just some random dude I've never seen before, I would of been like... "what?". Not bad, not bad'atoll.


^^Good Points^^
This movie is a little longer than I'm used to seeing for Squigo, but that turned out just to be better. I laughed quite a few times like when the pumpkin fell on his head, and the black guy's speech. The sound effects and voice overs were well done and very clear. The storyline was funny, and I would like to see a longer work from you guys.

see, that was funny

nice nice nice. i liked it alot. nice sounds from mk and the song from synjclock. at the jr thing at the end was funny.