Reviews for "Squigo's Halloween Horror"


That was absolutly awsome! :D Seriously, you gotta keep this up. But I got one question, was the stick man figure at the end Happy Noodle Boy from the Johnny The Homocidal Maniac series?


you kick so much ass and that last one was hilarous i love your stuff keep rocking bro


VERY nice use of the club song from the beginning of Blade . . . Now I'm going to have to figure out what it's called. If you know, tell me. The animation is really strong . . . nice work!


It was good, but it should have been longer!!! It would have been way more cooler. But it was still good.

Excellent! Funny and unexpected!

This is a really cool halloween theme movie. Great Animation and really funny. Sound was a bit hard to make out in places but otherwise, keep up the good work Tony. :)