Reviews for "Squigo's Halloween Horror"


Good cool righteous stuff. More of both please?


Best halloween movie so far. Damn clock crap. Would have been cooler if it were longer though, anyway good stuff.

Johnny Rocketfingers is such a friggin' badass!

I loved every moment of this one, it's hilarious! I remember watching all of the previous Squigo's, I hate to say, but I somehow got attached to the Stick Figuire with the frown that couldn't fit in his own head on the Notebook paper... :( But oh well, the humor in this one made up for that greatly! The Black Guy was histaricle, and poor Squigo never does have a good day does he? Oh well...Has Johnny Rocketfingers teamed up with Squigo for life? Creating a non-stop laughing duo? I certainly hope so because both characters are awesome! Can't wait for the Christmas one of this!

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

All Hail The Return Of Squigo!

We've waited far too long! I liked the old "scribbled" Squigo style but this work was equally funny and cool. Great collaberation, you guys should doubtlessly do something together again.

I Loved it!

Awsome Job. Ending Was Awsome With Johny Rocketfingers. It Was Short And Sweet, Now Im going to look at All the Squigos Movies.