Reviews for "Squigo's Halloween Horror"

squigo, and big gay bubba, and johnny

the johnny rockfingers part was the best part

This is for all of the Squigo films...

100% awesome, they rock and they're funny, not to mention violent, but that sure as hell doesn't reduce the quality, no infact it makes it better, yeah, these are awesome... awesome...


this was really cool, always loved squigo but im digging this new guy, never seen him before, i want to see more of him


Okay... this was Squigo... but he wasn't shakey and actually had real body movement. Too different for me... I miss the old one. Also... why incorporate Bubba into this? Anyway... pretty awesome... good.


U r a legend!!! WOW! I meen that was sum cool sh*t! WOW!
Cant wait for squigo 7 (if it cums out)