Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

God that was funny.

Man good work! That was so funny!

I snuck in a snickers!

Ripp Off Of The Gazell Ministry

AHAHAHAHAHAHA That rulez, havent seen anyone make fun of Xenogears..... Keep it up


That movie owned :-\ it seemed so pointless to me but it was very very great.

Brilliantly conceived!

Maybe I enjoyed the movie so much because I'm a fan of Xenogears, but I just thought it was very funny as well. My favorite part being when they go bowling "I thought I told them to activate the goddamn bumpers!" and when they attack France by ramming the US into them - "Boom! Yay!" Hilarious; you should make a series from this and continue spoofing other elements of the Xeno series while making fun of current events. You really have something here.

this waz tha good shit!@!!

Yep! You can say what you like but at the end of the day you cant beat a sphere comprised of spinning TV faces bowling!!