Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Good use of Xenogears Characters...

As a huge fan of Xenogears, I was really happy to see a spinoff of some of the characters in this movie. The plotlines were great, secrets definitely add to interactivity, and the ending was just hilarious. Great work!

OMG!!!!!!! ! ! ! !!

omg!! that was the best flash movie i have ewer seen! (well its on shared #1 with genjyus blade dvd thingy :) ) but it was absolutely the funniest thing i have seen in a loooong! time! im going to whatch it again :P well im going to vote 5 ewryday for the next few weeks ! :)

Even though I'm british, ingenous idea

Very unique and actually quite funny.

Well done...this is not boring at all

Great work!

That rocked!!!

Man, this one is a great achievement and its priceless.

good job.

look guys! i snuck in a snickers! XD

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!!! brilliant! a a great perception of what could happen if the people who run the show behind the scenes get too bored...noone is safe O_O XD hahaha pauvre france