Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"


The whole sphere and key thing was a parody of Xenogears, right?

DL-Neutrino responds:


hahahah the french

great flash. that was very funny but some parts dragged on a bit. although i didnt expect the ending at all. lol you have one strange mind my friend. plus u got more frenchies then planned. took out quebec too! grr quebec...

Xenogears is awesome.

And this movie is, too. Gotta love continual references to the (amazingly stupid) Gizelle Ministry and a morbid level of boredom mixed with generic political humor. Also: The bowling scene is the best.

Xenogears absolutly ruled

Dude, No one can get xenogears, it is such a widely desired game that you can probably sell a copy on e bay for about $100. When I saw the ball Icon I was like "Hey that's from xenogears." and I had to watch it. anyhoos, GJ with the animation but can you fixup the sound quality abit?

pretty good

The ending sucked though.