Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"


Hooray a strike!

Shadow Governments were never this silly

Well, not outside of Steve Jackson Games and their game "Illuminati". A fine piece of work from the boys at Disaster Labs. Everything was just plain cool, from the graphics to the sounds to the humor (dated or not). I also like the little touches, like the screens in the ball room, the plethora of secrets, the pop culture references, and the Satanic bowler at the bowling alley. Heck, the only problem I could find was the now-cliched bashing of France and George W. Bush, and that still made me chuckle. Good stuff, Neutron!


xenogears,xenogears,xenogears, xenogears, and xenogears.....ooooh and france gets destroyed 2. Hell yeah!


I'm pretty sure that the 'shadow council' was inspired by Xenogears 'Gazel Ministry', I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that ball of spinning faces (brings back bad memories of long, unskippable talking sequences though) Plus the 'jiggle the key' joke had me in hysterics. Great parody.


This looks more professional than some of the animation that's on TV now.

And so what if they died? If there's another episode the ball can explode at the end of that one too, a la Aeon Flux or Sealab.