Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

That was hahahaha....

Damn man you made another one that was funny like arfenhouse but this time it's government plots. One more question when is the next arfenhouse coming up. Is it the last one <:< man?


You guys are great! I love this movie.

Holy shit, man.

You keep getting better and better. This movie FUCKING RULES. I'll never look at our government the same way again!

The Secrets were great too. It's pretty funny after you find 100% of them...


This is absolutely one of the best flash movies I`ve ever seen!

That's not fair, I wanna drive a country...

I loved this movie, the whole thing was hilarious. The face with the smiley bag, the satan bowler, the janitor, the country driving. Keep up the amazing work!