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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

not very good

good concept, but my god was it ever slow.

Good... for a demo

It'e pretty good for a beta but it does need some improvement... Game play is a little slow, ie Arrogance's walking and girl's responses, but I'm sure it will be a great game once you release the full version.


I'd probobly rate worse if I found out the rest of this game. It's not really my fault the pre-loader didn't last cause my internet is too awesome. Have the instructions somewhere else, like in the main menu. Atleast it said "press A" everywhere, orelse I'd be stuck doing nothing and "running" at the slowest speed I've seen arrogancy.

good but bad

he walks hella slow.
when you talk to a girl it goes slow also.other than that it was pretty cool.

not another demo..........

cool. but im scared this is gonna be like Hentai Simgirl and never get finished, as long as the full version gets made, and is about 20 times as big it'll be a good game. till then you only get a 7

btw you put "youup" for flirting instead of "you up" fyi