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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"


Help me! damn that was the most boring shit ive ever played in my life id rather play that gay mega man remake made a while back it takes so fucking long for the fucking girls to respond AT ANY QUALITY, the guy runs so fucking slow, and everything about it is slow that annoying shit ass motherfucking music when your playing dosent make it any better why dont u try again

not bad....

this ish an okies game butt can use some more of letting us play it a little bit more though. like making thea demo a little longer.

Good game but slow

The game is pretty good, but it ran really slowly. It seems like it will be a good game as the full version.

Good but...

... It is too slow, even with "low" graphic quality it is too slow. BTW, the game itself is pretty good.

Boring and crap

This was poorly done, i found it poor, slow and boring, if ur gonna make a full one change it from this crap