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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

Good but...

I got stuck in the fight with Ryan. I sat there and beat him up for like 5 mins

Not Bad

Yo he does Run alittle slow don't you think you could speed it up a lil bit? yeahother then that i think i liked it. more moving around then sim gurl lol.

Wow I like da Gurls

Your game had some pretty nice gurls but i think you made a crappy sims game. You have talent witch i could not obtain not even if i was payed a million dollars could i remotely draw as good as you. i mean real good but i would focus on more important stuff like Killing cartoon ppl EVERYONE LIKES IT I MEAN DO IT MAN you can go all da WAY!Also add in gurls i like GURLS


sorry but its not that good and HE DOSE run too slow!!!!!