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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

I like this one

Hey, your game is very cool but, still it has to be fixed, the speed seems to be the problem, everything goes soooo slowww.
The sound needs some effects too, But hey!! It's a demo, so work hard on it, and work Fast please, I really want to play the final release!!


Well lets begin that this was not very good. Flirting was boring, the fighting was even more bouring, and the arcade was boring...My suggestion is stick to makeing movies. You should have had the game stick to a somewhat simler to the movies, instade of fighting that one dude, (I don't like spoiling things even though I din't care for this flash to much...it's on the home page you could care less about what I think). It seems you tried a little to much for humor, If you finish the game make it have a story, and have Arrogancy run faster.

good, but could be better

The game is good ill give you that but it really could've been better and faster. Arrogancy moves so slow. seriously you should try to work on it!

great game

arrogancy I have been I huge fan of your work since the start keep it up


i'm a big fan of arrogancy...keep up the good work!!!