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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

pretty good game but i like sim girl better

did like the choices you had when talking to a chick, oh well good job though, i'll give the game another try

Great game

I can see this is gonna be a fantastic game, even though it isnt finished. Its really fun to play and the graphics are easy on the eye, and the jokes were pretty funny.Keep makin this stuff

pretty good..

that's not bad! but there should be a way to regain confidence... how do use items!?! cant u use them for you!?! i got blocked after having beaten the guy... when i try to go further, my guy just stays out of the screen and nothing happens...

arrogancy responds:

The FAQ explains everything to you - but just to save time, drag and dropping the energy bar onto your character once you buy it, or getting a positive score in the arcade game, will allow you to regain confidence.


I know you probably worked hard, and the graphics are really good but you can only say 1 thing for each topic (Flirt,Shy,Truth,Brag) and you gotta say the same thing over and over. Im sure you'll add more dialogue when the real game comes out.As to your last reply to Dephton

arrogancy's Response:
This isn't a dating sim and there isn't any hentai in it. What are you talking about?

It might not be a dating sim, i read on the frontpage that its a mystery or something. But it looks like a dating sim to me

its good ^_^

dont listen to the naysayers.. with all the other elements you say you're adding to the game, i can see it will be really good.. since its playable right now, even if only to some extent..

i loved the offhand remarks about rpg's the characters you talk to make though XD

arrogancy responds:

Yeah, I'm starting to see that the mistake we're making when designing this game is making a game that appeals to gamers as opposed to something simplistic and mass-marketable that appeals to your average 13 year old. I mean, 90% of the people who are playing this game won't get half of the in jokes - I should have learned my lesson reading the reviews of Domo-Kun.

Expect the full game to be exponentially dumbed down with tons of naked women and profanity in it :P