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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

Not bad, not bad at all.

This game is just overflowing with style, everything from the graphics to the gameplay it's self, was just well done.

I wished so much that I could kill Ness, but alas I can't :( which it too bad because I feel a game like this needs to be fully open ended, but so far your team is doing a good job.

I have just one question, could you tell me where I could get a copy of that song which is played when you are talking to the girls.

arrogancy responds:

All of the original music, including that will be on the bonus CD ;)

Trully a Thing of Beauty

Enough Said...i thought it was excelent, even though it was a demo i was happy to play it...its an example of sheer exelence i hope others can take this an example...thanks for the chance to play this game


3 for effort but DAM would it like to be any slower? its like a good game but why did you make it with built in lag? kept me ammused for about 5 minutes before i quit out of boredom

Very nice work

I loved seeing NG characters in the BG. I also noticed how you paid close attention to detail, you even added a lens flare when you walk past the sun, very nice work there. I would very much like to see this game on in is final form, my only regret is Flash is too slow for the game and you had to use the "Smart Quality" trick.Were you alluding to Ninjai in that comment about the lil ninja with amesia that runs around helping people?

arrogancy responds:



this runs slow as HELL on my computer. maybe becuase its a worthless piece of shit with a pentium 2 processor...