Reviews for "Aura: story mode"


Thats was excelent! I only wish I had some popcorn!


I don't think I've ever seen that much effort put into a Flash. The black and white was awsome, it seperated the movie from all others. Great job.


im defiently blown away by this one. The animation in the begining was a little rusty but it for sure got better. the music fit along great, really really good job. number two on my list of favorites!!


..i think i get the story..are they trying to capture that big guy so they can use it as a secret weapon for the government..?..yeah..real original

This is a great movie

I just don't like how people are treating it! This is top 5 of all time quality people! The one flaw in this movie has to be the music. could you please not put that hard rock stuff? it's really annoying. the song when he was checking the guys brain went well with the movie though. But it would be cool if you put classical music in while people died horrible death like clockwork orange or something. you know or happy music but that rock music just DIDN'T MIX. for me at least.