Reviews for "Aura: story mode"


that was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. you should definetly keep those coming..i loved it


really cool! i loved that! touching man!

Simply Amazing

A masterpiece in the works. This flash was awesome indeed. Its flash like this that makes newgrounds such a great place. Exposing the great arts portrayed by the animator. You have great potential my friend. I await the continuation of this great movie.
-Highly recommended

Nothing much I can say...

You are a decent animator. U've got 2 be one of da best Flash artists on Newgrounds. One thing I didnt get ... wen da man was in da glass tube and da other man came t talk to him, wat was he saying? At a guess, I would say that he was offering him something. Wat is actually going on?

Well done, hope the story continues!

Another masterpeice.

I have noticed that you only do quality work. This is another example. It was very futuristic. Very original. I like the theme that you have going. It is hard to imagine living/surving entirely off of coincidences that seem to follow you around. There has to be a reason though, right? I can't wait to see the last one. Or the next couple, (wishful thinking)