Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

So good

That was such a brilliant movie, perfect coloring, graphics that are unique and fit in the movie perfectly, good music..I loved it


u are the fucking god of flash, damn you for making my movies look like shit. but seriously that is just amazing, u have to make more movies, you are seriously the god of flash... good job man, it takes serious skills to make a movie like this
(one question, what was the general dude saying?)

Let me tell you

Okay brother,
By now you know i've reviewed all your work, and with this one I am most impressed, let me tell you the why.
for one, you use this woman imagery, for the army scene and for the last scene, which cannot be denied as masterfully done. Second, the use of no words (short of that appropriate but horrible death metal shit at the end). Your choice in defining some characters while nondefining others is great, the nazi helmets on the guys is great too. Super job, I'd like to see alot more out of you.

phenominal...yes definitely...

this was incredible!
Aura was amazing and its sequel has surpassed it...
I love seeing flash that actually has feeling and is very powerful...
I'm hooked...more please


It was a sequel fit to follow the first. Slick animation, developing plot, great soundtrack and over all inventive ideas. Thanks for making this so I could watch it(several thousand times).