Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

Very well put-together

The movie was extremely well done. The imagery and sound coupled for a very powerful effect. You really have an amazing talent for directing - you should consider a career in films.

the only problem was the heavy metal music you put in the action scene - it didn't go with the rest of the film


True potential. I'd say much more but I'm afraid it's already been said.


Great animation! the sound and everything goes PERFECT with each other, I quite like the story.

Holy crap.

I'd stepped away from newgrounds for a while, tonight I decided to watch some of my favorite movies again. I am so glad I kept you on my favorite artists list.

That movie seriously made my day. I can't wait for the next episode, that ruled. I love the concept, I love the style, I love everything about this series. You will of course stay on my favorite artists list.

I want to see it again... What happened

This is listede as my number one fav and it is now gone? It hasn't been that long since I came back to it to see. Were can I find this and will it be back? What happened.

Love ya

Eat more peas