Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

Very well put-together

The movie was extremely well done. The imagery and sound coupled for a very powerful effect. You really have an amazing talent for directing - you should consider a career in films.

the only problem was the heavy metal music you put in the action scene - it didn't go with the rest of the film


True potential. I'd say much more but I'm afraid it's already been said.


Great animation! the sound and everything goes PERFECT with each other, I quite like the story.


This is one of the most beautiful things i'v seen... ever...
Watching the first one long long time ago... this one is deffinatly much better... graphics wise and style wise
it's great... really speaks to me... without words
you should prolly try to work on guy's ears... unless thats the look you were goin' for, i mean, maybe there's a reason that you have drawn his ears so that they look like a monkey's
w/e it is... keep goin' with what u got, it seems to be workin for ya

I want to see it again... What happened

This is listede as my number one fav and it is now gone? It hasn't been that long since I came back to it to see. Were can I find this and will it be back? What happened.

Love ya

Eat more peas