Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"


Your music is breath taking and I can't think of anything else to praise it with.. Its amazing, and that's like an insult to its greatness.

well damn

niiice wow a voice that is as beautiful as the face it belongs to. very interesting peice sweety. saw this on the list of one of my beats great job i was actually stupified to hear such talent competing against me, not saying im the best im far from that but all in all such great talent i appreciate great works such as this. keep up the wonderful talent you have got going on


i think i'm falling in love with you ahem your music :3


You need to find someone that can make this into a movie. If you could get the right guy this could be an amazing movie.


I'm just addicted to this music
yeah I already know all the lyric
i listen to it everyday