Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"


hmph...it seems like such a simple story put in so perfectly.i could see the visions going in my head. even tho im evil i hope she gets her revenge..but...not sure if u read these..but is there a song for the evil alein invader leader? he must have so much guilt with all hes done...or maybe he doesant care and itll be about he he plans to control everything. and if there isnt...could u make 1 plz? i understand its hard work. u may not evenm see this review..if there is plz tell me, if there isnt i ask that u make one but again u must be a very busy girl..u must have a actul carrer in singing with that voice. and if this annoys u sry for wasting ur time.

Really good!


Ok this song is awesome, I'd really love to see a music video for this yesterday night i was thinking of all the things that could of come into the video. It's just awewsome, I'd like to thank you for creating such a piece.

T__T Awww

It reminds me of that one incident where a wealthy heris was kiddnapped, brain washed and raped.

Only she didn't run away :o

But this song is so sad T__T I wanna adopt the poor little girl...

It's a gorgeous song Hania! :D I adored it!


This is SO good...such exceptional vocals and so haunting. What a story...

Really beautiful and haunting-in a good way

Its one of those songs that once i have it in my head its stuck there for ages, but I really don't mind since your music is really amazing. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. :)