Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"

sweet song!

i like the song!keep up the good work!


i heard this at the audio portal main page, and it sounded interesting, so i stuck around for a bit, then heard the singing, and immidiately clicked on it with the thought, "another from hania???" (only with more of a hopeful sound to it). hey, i was right. another one for my ipod. congratz for getting in the best of the week :)

Great song

Another great song! this song makes me go in my own world, very cool!

Good stuff

I liked the vocals and the music helped set the mood nicely. I'll have to check out the other song you mentioned.


Hania, every time you submit another song, I fall in love with you even more! (Even if I'm a girl myself X3)

Your songs always make me feel warm and fuzzy and bring my emotions out, I love youu!!