Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"

its good

hey hania, can u make a song about a boy who had his father getting mudered right in front of his eyes, at first thinking of revenge, but when previliged with supernatural powers he is now protecting the world but now trying to stop the supervillian who mudered his father. that would be pretty cool but the type of song should be slow but then turns into a fast paced rock song. can u plz do that?


Best your song )

Love it!

This song is so well done, it tells a story both with the music and vocals, a dark vengeful story at that. Instant download.


This is amazing the mood this song has is just beautiful. It makes me want to make some kind of short film with it. Not sure but I admit I may loose some sleep over this. I'm a Video student so, I might just contact you about some of your work. Truly top-notch though. Keep it up.

very amazing and sorta spooky in my opinion...

This would be great for a scean in a alien movie in my opinion but other than that, 5/5 and 10/10.