Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"

Aw The Rates Only Go Up To Ten?

o_O with music like this on newgrounds there really should be a rank up to 20...Good Job with the music, I always listen to your music, doing homework, cleaning....i made an account on newgrounds just to comment on this o.O good job again x3 -hugs are fun, hugs back-


First off, your singing voice is amazing. Second, this song is great. I kinda want to read this story now. Where can I find it?

Oh and *hugs back* Yay hugs! X3


expertly done like usual
and on a totally related note: YAY, i got a hug thanks!!!

not bad

i think this reminds me of the born series like born ultimatum and born identity.
well any way 5/5 10/10


I'd rate higher but 10 is the highest there is to rate.

p.s. There arn't words to describe your music