Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"

I love it. Briliant mixing. You didn't overdo the vocals or the instrumentals as quite a number do.

Query: You say this is a spin-off from silver memory. I'll take your word for that but the lyrics describe the Throne of Glass novels. My question is, was Silver Memory a lyrical retelling of the novellas?

wow, this song is a w e s o m e in every millimeter, since your voice, the lyrics, to its ambience.
you are an artist

perdon por mi mal ingles

I honestly thought of the Mord Sith from Legend of the Seeker. I loved the song because I have a group of characters that are, for the lack of a better term, much like the Mord Sith. This song reminds me of my main one, their leader.

Hearing this song before Silver Memory... you"re singing about a female Batman. x) hahaha also, this song is spectacular. Very, very amazing.


after hearing "silver memory", and now this. i feel really sad. :/

is there anymore to this story? i've looked but i didnt see anything.